100Pcs Backflow Incense Cones Natural Smoke Cones for Backflow Incense Burner Home Furnace Burner Cone

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  • Производитель: Banggood


Описание и характеристики

Specifications:Material: Pollen, wood flourSize:High: 3cmBottom diameter: approx.1cmMaximum diameter: approx.1.3cmBurn Time: About 10 minutes each Incense coneStorage: Place a cool,dark,dry place,fragrance will be more pure along with time passFeatures:- Tasting tea, reading, doing yoga with a incense burning, Enjoy the pleasureFrom sight and smell.- Natural a roma, Smell sweet.- Burning evenly.- 100% Subtle fragrance ingredient index.- Pure, fresh and natural fragrance,Suitable for home relaxing, also for Office concentrating.Package included:100 X Backflow Incense( 20pcs Green tea incense, 20pcs Sandalwood, 20pcs Lavender incense, 20pcs Roses incense, 20pcs Cherry blossoms incense )

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