Mijia Through Closestool Dredge Implement One Pass Sewer The Conduit Artifact High Compressed Air Pressure Pipe Dredger

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NOTE:Type 1: T40Type 2: T41Illustration:1.Dont worry about pipe blockage anymoreIn our life, we often meet the situation of pipe blockage, which is very annoying. We can easily solve the problem of blockage no matter it is the toilet, sink, dish or floor drain in the kitchen and bathroom.2.Pressure Type Pipe DredgerEquipped with turbocharged dredge, sealed balloon using a variety of pipes, the barometer is intuitive but operational (with an independent pump)3.Integrated pipe dredgerPortable and convenient dredging helper.Equipped with turbocharged high-pressure dredge, sealed balloon is applicable to a variety of pipes, and the barometer is intuitive and easy to operate (integrated pump)4.Balloon seal.Sealed balloon design, tightly packedThrough inflation, the pipes with different sizes and apertures are sealed. At the moment when is ejected, the balloon opens, closely fits with the pipe wall, and effectively dredges.5.Ventilation and compressionTouch ventilation key.When in use, after restarting the dredger, aim at the blocked part, press the ventilation button, the pipeline is easy and smooth as before, and the touch of the button is comfortable and delicate.Specification:Brand: MijiaColor: WhiteProduct model: T40 (Pressure Type Pipe Dredger)Main material: ABS + TPEPlug material: RubberConfiguration Description: main body, toilet plug, conversion head, dish basin head, floor drain head, pumpProduct model: T41 (Integrated pipe dredger)Main material: ABSPlug material: RubberC

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