Become an External Auditor - External Audit Process Level 1

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This course will teach you the practical part of an external auditor. Most people learn the theory behind an audit but do not know how to do the audit in real life. If you are thinking in joining an audit firm and would like to know how to audit in order to standout from your peers than you are in the right place. This course will also be beneficial to help you work with your auditors as you will know what the auditor requires.We will look at a listed company and we will audit it by taking the trial balance and placing the numbers in our working papers to make our documentations. We will look at each of the accounts and learn how we will obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence. We will also select samples and learn how to make a list of requirements. You will be able to audit a client from A-Z in a short period of time. #externalauditing #accounting #auditor #business #valuation

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